Thursday, 13 September 2012

Chatsworth 'Beyond Limits' ...

I got back an hour or so ago from spending five hours wandering around the gardens at Chatsworth ... and looking at the Beyond Limits exhibition. 

I'm tired now and I haven't got enough time to upload more than one photograph. This isn't one of the Beyond Limits exhibits ... it's just a garden seat that caught my eye.

I'm sure I will upload some more photos from an interesting visit in the next few days ...

Rustic seat at Chatsworth


  1. Charlie.. As you look straight on to that top picture... At the top of the Hill.. you can see the color sweeping down into the valley.... OH.. I LOVE this Picture... Its sooo restful...

    1. I can look at this Picture forever, and not ever get tired of it..

      Can ya tell I love this picture??? LOL..

  2. Look forward to seeing some photos when you feel better Charlie,seen the anvil one in the Telegraph.Like Barbara says the top picture is beautiful, love pictures like that.Ann

  3. The seat doesn't look to comfortable,and a little bit low for me.

  4. I rather like that seat :-))

    I shall look forward to seeing your photos when you feel more like posting.