Wednesday, 17 March 2010

What is it with some dog owners ?

All I wanted was a nice, quiet walk.

I just wanted to rid myself of some of the stress that had accumulated during the week.

Instead there were two Alsatians running around me, barking ... and baring their teeth.

Then the woman who was [allegedly] in control of them was telling me that "they ARE playing ...".

Now, not having studied the behavioural peculiarities of our canine friends, I had obviously, totally misread the situation. I thought they were trying to work out how best to rip off one of my legs whilst trying to avoid me knocking out their front teeth with a quick kick in the head. [I realise that this have may have been foolhardy but if a dog's going to come for me I am obviously going to resist attack rather than go under with a whimpering "I thought you were playing ..."].

Once she had informed me that her dogs were just joshing with me, I felt within my rights to point out to her that "I didn't know that !" ... and off she tootled up the field ... where I took this photograph ...

Dogs under control ...

Now what annoyed me was that there was no apology from her, whatsoever.

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