Thursday, 22 November 2012

Ticking away ... Day 752 ~ it was all going so well ...

I asked for a couple of repeat prescriptions at the medical centre earlier this week and was told to collect them today. One was for various tablets [and my Doublebase gel] and the other for a couple of the 'third edition' stockings.

I went along to collect the prescriptions this afternoon.

I live three miles away from the medical centre and there is usually some hassle when it comes to parking but today [it being Thursday] it was fine.

I went into the medical centre and the receptionist fished out the prescriptions. 

"Oh, the doctor's not signed this one ... ah, he wants to know why you're taking Prednisolone."

[I've been on Prednisolone for over a year now since I had chemotherapy.]

I replied, in a rather resigned fashion, "They're for my prostate cancer ...". I wanted to add "... which he would have realised if he had read my notes ...". I actually added " ... I dare say that will be mentioned in my notes ..."

The receptionist apologised and said she wouldn't be able to get the prescription signed until later in the day ... or I could come back tomorrow. "You've got enough tablets for tonight have you ?"

I believe I have.

She handed me the other [signed] prescription for the stocking. There was '1 item' mentioned in the prescription. I thought 'here we go again' ... "I actually asked the doctor in the note that I handed in yesterday if I could have two more stockings because that's what the Lymphoedema Service have suggested". 

The receptionist apologised again and said she'd have to have a word with him ...

So I came away without either prescription.

Now, as you know, I have been full of nothing but praise for the National Health Service and all the medical people I have seen during the past 752 days [except for the two people who carried out a bone scan right at the beginning]. 

However, I felt disappointed in the doctor this afternoon.

All he had to do was to [1] look through the notes; [2] phone me; or [3] get one of his staff to phone me ... then he would have known what I wanted the Prednisolone for ... [though I would have thought it might have been highlighted somewhere on my notes].

As for the prescription for the stocking I assume he hadn't read my note or, if he had, he should have explained why he wouldn't or couldn't supply two stockings.

We might just be patients but we should be treated with respect.

What really put a cap on the afternoon was the fact that Costa's 'Buy One Get One Free' offer which I thought I'd take advantage of ... isn't until next Wednesday ! Still I tried their praline and cream latte and the afternoon felt just a little better ...


  1. I have no end of hassle with my prescriptions, I have up to 18 items on it and the chemist is guaranteed to mess up or not have enough of something, as I have been going there six years you would think they would stock up !

  2. Call me cynical, but something like this was bound to happen at some time or other.

  3. I'm glad to hear that you've managed to find some problems in your dealings with the NHS at last Charlie. I mean, otherwise how could the Govt realistically justify their 'modernisation' plan if patient experience was that it 'seems to be ok thank you' ;-)

    Also glad the 'festive coffees' are having their desired effect too!

  4. That's just slapdash - and unfortunately, it is absolutely typical of the "service" we are coming to expect from the NHS these days. I often have cause to wonder about those unfortunates amongst us who don't have the nouse to understand that they need to stand up and correct their Doctor when something like this happens. Once upon a time, you just wouldn't have dared to suggest that the Doctor had it wrong - those days are gone, but regrettably, some people just haven't realised. I fear they must be receiving the very worst of "care".

  5. Isn't it annoying when that happens,they don't seem to consider the inconvenience it causes.But if you forget an appointment you would be in trouble.At least you got a latte Charlie.Ann

  6. Thank you everyone. I went to collect both prescriptions this afternoon and I'm pleased to say they were both well. When I collected the medicine and Doublebase Gel from the chemist a little later I noticed that I had only been prescribed 100g of Doublebase ... when I usually get 500g. Still ... some progress was made.

    Just to cheer myself up I went and had another Praline and cream latte. It's probably very bad for me but I;m not going to worry about that sort of thing now.

  7. As I read your tale of prescription woes, my nostrils started to flare. I have few stories to tell and the latest cost us $135 even though we protested and got $55 back. We will not go to that pharmacy again for prescriptions. They are businesses I know but they don't have the right to rip of anyone. Treat us with respect and dignity please.

    1. All my drugs cost absolutely nothing from our chemist's Karyn ... that's the NHS for you.

  8. Well, it is a wonder that something like this hasn't happened before, Charlie ... that being said, I'm sorry that it did happen, and that the one prescription was not for the regular amount.

    Your prescriptions don't cost anything, Charlie? Is that standard? Are all prescriptions free? We certainly have to pay for them here ... and even with a health plan (through work), the cost can be rather steep. One thing that always bothers me is the cost of insulin. I don't know how people who don't have private health coverage can afford it. I think mine costs me about $200/month and that's with a significant discount.

    Sorry for the rant. I think that I saw red when I saw that you didn't get your regular amount of the one prescription ...

    1. Feel free to rant whenever you want to do so Pet ~ this is NOT a rant-free zone.

      I have free prescriptions because I am over 60 ~ usually each prescription costs the patient £7+ to fill. There is a list of exemptions which I will have to take more note of when next I complete one. I have of course paid a National Insurance stamp all my working life but at least it feels like most of our healthcare is free.

      I believe that diabetics in England and Wales get their insulin for nothing [but see above re National Insurance stamp].

  9. Now that you mention it, I think that we have something in place for seniors. I think that once they pay for $300 or so worth of prescriptions, in a given year, the rest are free (not all drugs, but most). I think it's something like that, anyway. I'm not sure if it is for people over 60 or 65.

    1. Ours works so that over 60s pay nothing ... I'm not sure how the Canadian dollar relates to sterling though.

  10. I am so sorry about that mess, Charlie! But I am glad your country looks after your medical care in a cost effective fashion. It seems only fair after all the years you have worked! Many of Our seniors here can't really afford their meds. And now with lovely Obamacare getting ready to take over costs have increased even more AND seniors have started being told they no longer need certain medications because at their age it "isn't viable or necessary". UG:-( I pay $700 a month for private insurance and also have a special secondary insurance for my boys. This is lucky Because one of my son's monthly medicines is $897/month. My primary covers $650 of that and the secondary picks up the rest. And that is just the one medicine. *sighs* Four years ago before Obamacare I was only paying $340/month for insurance. This country is killing me:-(

  11. I'm not sure about the ins and outs of your medical care but it sounds costly. Our contributions are paid in a similar way to tax ~ they're taken out before we get our wages. That way we don't miss them.

    People can pay into a private health insurance scheme as well so they can get a better standard of care and food etc. But they're usually treated in a private room and on their own which I think might get a bit boring after a while. Still, I was in a bay with quiet, like minded people when I had my recent stay.

    I hope you managed to get some sleep eventually Gypsie.