Monday, 19 November 2012

Eric Gill's sculpture is under threat ...

According to the Daily Express ~ "PERVERT’S STATUE GREETS VISITORS" ~
the BBC is under some pressure to remove Eric Gill's statue of Prospero and Ariel from outside Broadcasting House in London.

It has been there for at least 75 years presumably [Gill died in 1940] and 'we' have known since the late 1980s about Gill's sexual proclivities. I ask why the call for it to be removed now. Well we know why don't we. 

Have we entered an age of intolerance where everything must be squeaky clean and be seen to be squeaky clean ?

I don't for a minute approve of paedophilia, incest or bestiality but surely we need to keep things in perspective.

Who else's work do we have to burn or destroy ?

If you wish to see the statue in full, click here ~


  1. It is a work of art. It could be a warning and history lesson combined if viewed sanely. Don't let those folk near Leonardo Da Vinci's works please.

  2. What a crazy world we live in,we can't go around destroying things just because the people who designed or wrote something are perverts.Where would it stop,buildings knocked down as well as statues.Ann

  3. Yes, folks it's time to drag out that tried and trusted cliche "it's political correctness gone mad!!". But in this case it does apply. I just think this is a completely and utterly stupid idea.