Monday, 8 April 2013

A Farm Journal ~ from the 16th to the 31st August 1868

My great great great uncle John Bayliff Bowman lived at Summer Hill, near Monyash in the County of Derby.
The Bowman family, who were Quakers, had three farms, One Ash Grange [which John Bayliff Bowman often referred to as O.A.], Cales and Summer Hill [which he usually referred to as S.Hill or S.H.]

JBB's Farm Journal

A Farm Journal continues :~
1 - 16 Fine
2 - 17 Fine day lead all at S.H. part Ridge piece to Cales
3 - 18 Misty no drying seed[e]d down Winkerley S.H.
4 - 19 Wet day cold E[ast] wind
5 - 20 Fine day Mother A[rmitage] & Mary came
6 - 21 Ditto lead 1/2 of Pewet Knobs corn & thrash[e]d
7 - 22 Very wet winnow[e]d oats etc
1 - 23 Showery
2 - 24 Ditto winnow[e]d up & sent 22 sacks oats to Jos[eph] B[rantingham] B[owman]
3 - 25 finish[e]d sow[in]g Rape
4 - 26 Fine morn[in]g - Showery aft[ernoo]n B[akewe]ll Fair Cheese brisk 70/- very scarce beef & mutton looked after lambs 20/- lead corn
5 - 27 Fine day lead manure morn[in]g corn aft[ernoo]n showery
6 - 28 Finish[e]d lead[in]g corn Thrash[e]d rem[ainde]r out Pewet Knobs
7 - 29 Fine fin[ishe]d Thatch[in]g lead slack to Willow field Kiln to burn lime
1 - 30 Fine
2 - 31 Fine day B[akewe]ll market took 2 fat heifers to Hulley of Ashford bo[ugh]t 4 Norfolk sows £2 each 


  1. A very busy time on the farm again.I see Joseph Brantingham Bowman was a miller and is buried at Youlgrave Church so probably not a Quaker.Ann

    1. Joseph Brantingham Bowman was born a Quaker but obviously didn't die one Ann as you say. He was John Bayliff Bowman and Ebenezer Bowman's brother. It's interesting that John sent his brother 22 sacks of oats Joseph being a miller. I wonder where his mill was ?

    2. I see that Derbyshire County Council hold a "Draft agreement for 10 year lease from the Venerable Archdeacon Balston to Joseph Brantingham Bowman of Bakewell, miller, of closes of land in Taddington." Whether that draft was ever signed remains to be seen. This was in the year 1889.

    3. I shouldn't have posted so hastily ... DCC also hold "Joseph Ewings' account (and later Rachel Ewing's account) with Joseph B Bowman, corn miller, seed & Provision Merchant, 20th Dec 1872 - 3 Jul 1896" !

    4. Joseph was listed in the UK, Poll Books and Electoral Registers, 1538-1893 as living in Bakewell in 1868 ~ the year of the entry above. But which mill did he mill in ?

  2. Would the 22 sacks sent to Joseph be Quaker Oats? Sorry, I couldn't resist that :-))

    1. That made me smile Mitch ... I think they were original Quaker Oats :-)

  3. We may never know Charlie,but it's easy to research can't be many with that name.Ann

    1. It would certainly be interesting to know which mill wouldn't it.