Tuesday, 4 December 2012

A Farm Journal ~ from the 1st to the 16th September 1867

My great great great uncle John Bayliff Bowman lived at Summer Hill, near Monyash in the County of Derby.
The Bowman family, who were Quakers, had three farms, One Ash Grange [which John Bayliff Bowman often referred to as O.A.], Cales and Summer Hill [which he usually referred to as S.Hill or S.H.]

In this photo John is fourth from the left. My great great grandparents, Ebenezer and Hannah Bowman, are the third and fourth adults from the right. John and Ebenezer were brothers and their parents are the elderly couple in the middle, Henry and Mary Bowman.

The Bowman family

"A Farm Journal"continues :~
 9 Mo[nth] 2 Fine began to cut corn in N[ethe]r Watricle - Bo[ugh]t 4 pigs 40/- 2 of J Briddon 30/- 
3 - 3 showery day sold 35 wethers to J Kirkham 33/- 2 dead
4 - 4 Fine
5 - 5 ditto cutting corn Nurse came
6 & 7 corn cutting cut the Rye
2 - 9 Fine day all my men gone to W[illia]ms to cut corn - sold 4 Irish Bullocks to Elliot Chest[er]f[iel]d
3 - 10 Fine with showers Haven Fair slow sheep fair
4 - 11 Fine
5 Ditto - Almond to look at Cheese no sale won't give 60/-
5 - 13 to 2 -16 Fine B[akewe]ll Market bo[ugh]t 14 pigs for self & W[illia]m 32/- 


  1. 3 - 3 'sold 35 wethers'. What are wethers? I'm assuming some kind of livestock.......sheep, maybe?

    1. We need to compile an agricultural dictionary Mitch. I have heard most of these words but don't know the exact meanings. A wether is apparently "a castrated ram" though around here he would be referred to as a castrated tup as the farmers use 'tup' instead of 'ram' ...

  2. 2 dead I'm not surprised!!,Ann

  3. I do like reading these Journals, so keep posting them please.