Monday, 28 June 2010

Walking in Heaven ...

We parked at Alport [pronounced All-port] at the bottom end of Lathkill Dale just 4 or 5 miles from Darley Dale ...

We walked down to the bridge over the river, looking for trout beneath ...

Walking in Heaven ~ 27th March 2010

 There were trout to be seen though not so many as there are below Raper Bridge upstream.

Then we were walking beside the road towards Hawley's Corner but on the right hand bend we crossed to the path which runs just south of Baltic Wood ...

Walking in Heaven ~ 27th March 2010

The path rises above the road and brings you to what had been Shining Bank Quarry. I have seen plans suggesting that the quarry would be allowed to return to nature with some tweaking ...

Walking in Heaven ~ 27th March 2010

It's a big hole at present and I don't suppose that it's going to change much except perhaps to grass over a bit more.

There are a number of options near the quarry. We took the path heading north-west and tried to follow a line through Haddon Plantation where the OS White Peak Map shows the path. In the event, on the ground, it's easier to walk along the south-western side of the wood.

The path crosses a field and crossing the path is a stream that needs to be bridged as it is too wide too jump ...

Walking in Heaven ~ 27th March 2010

 We walked to the top of the field and managed to cross.

A signpost shortly afterwards shows the options avaialble then. We'd just come from the direction shown as 'PUBLIC FOOTPATH' !

We decided to head for Wigger Dale before forking left towards Over Haddon. There was a trig point just over the wall from the path ...

Walking in Heaven ~ 27th March 2010

What I would give to have 20 minutes with that trig point and a pot of white emulsion ... I just want to see my trig points white.

We took a ninety degree turn then down towards Conksbury Bridge along this 'quiet lane'.

Walking in Heaven ~ 27th March 2010

Beside the small parking place at Conksbury Bridge, a seat with a memorial plaque ...

Walking in Heaven ~ 27th March 2010

Looking over the bridge it looked as though the River Lathkill had flooded recently.

Walking in Heaven ~ 27th March 2010

The next bridge downstream is a crossing place for walkers, horse riders and cyclists ~ Raper Brige. A lovely packhorse bridge where you can sit and have a coffee on the stonework and admire the trout on the downward side of the bridge - but don't feed them ! The water bailiff will be unhappy [and so he should be].

Walking in Heaven ~ 27th March 2010

Natasha and I often walk on country lanes and roads if it means usng a different path or just enjoying the houses beside the road. So we walked up the old lane past Raper Lodge to come out into Youlgreave before descending into Bradford and the dale. Then we turned left and walked back to the car through Bradford Dale ...

Walking in Heaven ~ 27th March 2010

Shown in the photograph above there's another lovely old packhorse bridge over the river ... and there's a seat just on the right, tucked around the corner, right beside the bridge.

Date of Walk ~ 27th March 2010

Length of walk ~ 4 miles

Total walked so far in 2010 ~ 51 miles

Total walked since 1st September 2009 ~ 181 miles

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